WELCOME TO TRUE BLUE WARRIORS.org TBW is an organization founded by Federal Law Enforcement Agents whose mission is to bring awareness to the everyday lives of our every day Heroes who "were born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge" and all those working behind the scenes. Though we will recognize and honor those who gave their all, the main focus will be on the living and what LEOS from across the country do on a daily basis Saving, Serving and Protecting the People ... no matter the color of their uniform, the shape of their badge nor the signer of their paycheck. TBW is here to bring awareness of the service and sacrifices of the Men, Women and 4-legged Heroes who put their lives on the line with no hesitation nor reservation...for the People. To give a small glimpse into a LEO'S daily life and to remind the People that we too, are human

TBW also does fundraising to help assist our Brothers and Sisters injured In The Line Of Duty, as well as raising funds to help vest our 4-legged Warriors, and get patrol cruisers equipped with QuikClot . We will also be promoting and assisting our partner organizations that also were founded to help our True Blue Families. We look forward to gathering all our families with us here.


Our Official motto is "A Family Born Not From A Blood Line ... But Bonded In Life By A Blue One"  

While our website is under construction, please visit us at http://www.facebook.com/truebluewarriors 
email us: askTBW@gmail.com